Peshmerga Fighting Vehicle

Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer MN, 2017

built with support of the FSP/Jerome Fellowship


plywood, paint, pavers, tires, headlights, steel, gas cap, caulk

9’ 4” x 9’ 4” x 19’ 1”

(photos courtesy of Franconia Sculpture Park)

based on this reference photo:

This sculpture is a replica of an actual modified truck, protected with homemade armor plating, based on a vehicle in service with the military forces of Kurdistan (Peshmerga) in 2014, operating in Iraq and Syria against ISIS.

Due to the politics of the region, the international community refused to equip the Peshmerga with heavy weaponry for years. Forced to improvise, the Kurds outfitted bulldozers, tractors and other vehicles with makeshift armor plating and bright unstandardized camouflage. The innovative results protect them from roadside bombs, mines and small arms fire.