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Zaqistan Passports

The Zaqistan State Department is not accepting applications for Zaqistan Passports at this time. Applications are accepted in person at differeing times of the year, mostly in person.

Zaqistan currently DOES NOT have diplomatic relations with any other countries. There are 0 countries that offer visa free entry with a Zaqistan passport. If you try to cross international borders it is VERY LIKELY that you will be SENT BACK or even detained. The Zaqistan State Department CANNOT guarantee any aid in the event of confiscation of the passport, detention, or incarceration.


The Zaqistan State Department is not accepting applications for Zaqistani Citizenship at this time. Like Passports, applications are accepted in person at differeing times of the year, mostly in person.

PLEASE NOTE the following about Zaqistan:

Location of Zaqistan

Zaqistan is small, remote and bound on all sides by the United States. It is as of now unrecognized by any other country. It is NOT POSSIBLE to travel to Zaqistan without going through the United States.

Zaqistan is a fledgling, developing nation. There are no living facilities, no roads, and no water in Zaqistan, it is not possible to live in Zaqistan. We currently visit Zaqistan for only a few days of the year, and no one lives there year round.

Travel to Zaqistan, Visas, Business

Although someday we hope to develop Zaqistan to the point where it can accommodate visitors and tourists on a regular basis, as of now, it is currently only possible to visit Zaqistan through a Zaqistan Tourism Board sponsored tour (more details coming soon). It is NOT POSSIBLE to independently obtain a visa to visit Zaqistan, or set up business operations in Zaqistan and probably won't be for some time.


The Republic of Zaqistan regrettably cannot offer employment to anyone at this time.



The Zaqistan State Department opened the first Zaqistan Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 24, 2012. Hosted by Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo, The Embassy expanded Zaqistan’s global presence and influence beyond its desert borders.

The Embassy featured a History of Zaqistan exhibit, historicizing the recent past in display cases with artifacts and wildlife specimens, photographs, maps, wall texts, a timeline, and educational videos. The Embassy also issued passports.

Informative displays educate the general public about Zaqistan history and culture.

Spirits are high and new citizens are excited to join the Zaqistan Nation.


Zaq Landsberg and Sofía Gallisá Muriente conducted some diplomancy as well, they commemorated the fallen soldiers from the  War of Malvinas (Falkland Islands) by showing their respects with a flower wreath, presented in the Plaza San Martín Fallen Soldiers Memorial in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Embassy also featured Zaqistani outreach through public programming, like a nationbuilding workshop for children, where local youth will founded and developed their own nations.  The Embassy also hosted a discussion with Axel Lazzari PhD, an Argentine professor in Anthropology who specializes in the study of the Rankulche indigenous people that inhabit the desert of La Pampa in Central Argentina. Lazzari, Zaq Landsberg and Sofía Gallisá Muriente discussed their perspectives on the desert, the Republic of Zaqistan and what lies ahead. We were joined by an enthusiastic audience that extended the conversation well into the night.

The ideas of Zaqistan communicated across languages and cultures, and the nation gained new citizens, new supporters and new energy.

Consulate General of Zaqistan opened in New York City, USA, on February 24, 2012. The Zaqistan State Department’s second Zaqistan diplomatic mission was hosted by the arts organization chashama, and funded in part by a grant from the NEA (USA), the Zaqistan Arts Council (Zaqistan). LIke the Embassy, the Consulate General, located just steps away from the United Nations featured historical displays, educational videos, natural Zaqistani specimens, etc.

In addition the Consulate General also hosted a youth Nationbuilding workshop


In 2011, Zaqistanis ran a group of local youths participated in a Nation building workshop for local youth at The Experimental Station, in Chicago IL, where they created their own countries, drew maps, made flags and determined what forms of government they would implement.

President Downtown Fast Eddie, parades the flag of his nation Fast Eddieville


November 19th, 2015, marked the 10th year anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Zaqistan, and to celebrations in Salt Lake City where large. The line for Zaqistani citizenship issued by Rep. Michael Abouzelof at a pop-up kiosk in the bar wound out the door and around the block.

Rep. Michael Abouzelof issuing citizenship (photo by Mikey Kettinger)